Beni and Boni the Orangutans back to Borneo

August became the month of independence for Indonesia, as well as what we did at WRC Jogja. There are several recent activities that we have done quite well to conserve wildlife.

In early August, we got a new arrival, a reticulated python (Python reticulatus). This animal is rescued by the Center of Orangutan Protection (COP). Previously this animal was caught by a resident and put into a small cage.

Reticulated python

A cage that is too small makes the snake try to escape, and try to attack when someone approaches. As a result he has a large wound in his mouth. Luckily, COP immediately rescued the snake and took it to WRC Jogja.
Currently, the reticulated python is undergoing treatment. Once conditions better we will move it to a larger box to be observed before it can be released into its habitat.

In the same month, we also managed to transfer 14 Mayalan Giant Turtles to a large pond. This transfer plan started last July. Preparation begins with cleaning the large pond from logs and leaf litter, as well as checking the water content. All preparations are made so that the turtles are comfortable when transferred to a larger pond.

Moving turtles in a bigger pond

After all the preparations were completed, on August 5, 2021, we carried out the transfer. Prior to the transfer, we also carried out health checks, blood sampling, gender checks and also the installation of microchips.
We managed to move 10 male turtles and 4 female turtles into the large pond. In larger pools they seem more comfortable swimming around the pool.

On August 17, 2021, we succeeded in transferring two adult male orangutans to East Kalimantan. We have successfully translocated Beni and Boni to the Arsari Orangutan Sanctuary Center.

Boni, an adult orangutan has been coming to WRC Jogja since 2006. He comes from a zoo in Central Java and reportedly injured one of her animal keepers and they were overwhelmed to take care of him. Boni has a tendency to be spoiled, lazy, and if there is a disease such as a wound on his body, he will show it to humans to ask for treatment.

Beni the Orangutan (Pongo Pygmaeus)

Meanwhile Beni, who has been in the WRC since 2013 has had a bad experience with humans that traumatized him. This trauma made Beni more silent and did not dare to make eye contact with humans. Beni and Boni will each be placed in a cage which is much bigger than WRC Jogja. There they will be cared for with Bento, an adult male orangutan belonging to PSO Arsari.

Even though they are the same in the cage, at least they have returned to their habitat in East Kalimantan. They will be introduced to local fruits on East Kalimantan and given a more focused treatment in the form of enrichment. Indeed, PSO Arsari was built specifically for adult male orangutans.

During the month of August, there were 5 adopters who donated for animals at WRC Jogja. Adoption is aimed at Group of Eagles, Momo&Mimi (cockatoos), Simon (pigtailed-macaque), Genbi (Siamang gibbon), and also Group of Turtles.

Fruits and medical needs donation from Filantra Official

As for the donation program, we got it from Filantra Official, several campus in Yogyakarta, as well as from individuals. In addition, we also sell merchandise, the profits of which will be allocated to preserve animals.
Unfortunately, due to PPKM (Community Activities Restrictions Enforcement) rules this month, we are still limiting the activation of student internship programs to avoid the transmission of the covid-19 virus. Therefore, we focus more on improvements in the animal area. The development of knowledge for several staff such as observing animal behavior was also carried out. The goal is to develop and understand animal behavior which can increase knowledge about the world of conservation.

We do not know how long the PPKM will end, but we remain optimistic that there will be a brighter tomorrow. So that we can continue to take good care of the animals here without worrying about the virus.
We have implemented a vaccination program for all employees. Next month, all of our employees will be fully vaccinated. We also hope that animal adoption and donation programs can continue to support our operations.

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