Sponsor very special animal by adopting them now!

Animals arrived at our centre with varying conditions. Some came injured, orphaned, mistreated, and some came in deeply traumatized by prolonged abandonment. By sponsoring them through this program, you’ll be giving them a chance to live a better life they deserve, filled with the love and kindness! Adopt Now!

As a sponsor, you will be helping the animals to...

Get the proper veterinary care

Prolonged abandonment and mistreatment have had adverse effect on most of the newly arrived animal’s health. From a life-saving emergency treatment and surgery, to a routine general check-up, preventive treatment, and daily physical observations… your generous support will definitely help them obtaining the best veterinary care throughout their precious life time.

Fill their belly with decent food



Most of the time, inbound animals were previously fed with the wrong food, while some were even fed inadequately, which led them to be in a malnourished condition with digestive complication. Your sponsorship will help fill up their belly with fresh fruits, veggies, and even nutritional snacks!

Obtain a psychological and behavioural treatments through various enrichments

Psychological therapy is essential to help the animals that came in a traumatic condition and are unable to express their natural behaviours. From fruit popsicles, peanut tree, to rugged hammocks and tree branches to make nest, your sponsorship will make a substantial change on their psychological and eventually behavioural health!

Get a pleasant second home



Previously caged in a small box and placed in a very small space was the common nightmarish condition these animals lived in. Your support will help provide a safe and pleasant home for the animals, whether it be in our centre or in other centres that may have better facilities for particular animals.



Have the second chance to live freely again

Being pushed away from the wilderness of the jungle, some animals may have lost their home and further, their natural instinct. It is our commitment to try our best to return these animals back home. Your sponsorship will help rehabilitate and train the animals in preparation to get them home.

And more importantly, this adoption program gives you an opportunity to actually take part in the conservation effort of many endangered species in Indonesia…