WRC Jogja was founded in June 2010 by YKAY (Yayasan Konservasi Alam Yogyakarta) foundation which works closely with the Princess of Yogyakarta. We are an NGO animal rescue centre based in the small, traditional village of Sendangsari of the Kulon Progo district, West Yogyakarta. It's approximately 1 hour drive from Adisutjipto International Airport, Yogyakarta. We are a sanctuary for a variety of Indonesian wildlife that have been saved from the illegal pet trade within the island of Java.







We currently home approximately 165 animals but that number is constantly changing. We have a variety of species that currently includes: orangutan, siamang gibbons, owa gibbons, macaques, sun bears, eagles, parrots, bear cats, crocodiles, cassowary and several others. Every resident has their own individual story of how they came to be here. The animals are rescued from being kept illegally, usually as pets and usually had been kept in extremely unfit and unhealthy conditions. They may have come from exotic pet traffickers, private owners, unlicensed commercial businesses such as restaurants or illegal zoos and occasionally intercepted online bidding wars. They are brought to WRC by Forest Rangers, other NGOs, Indonesian police or the private owners donate them themselves if they can no longer care for the animal.







As we are Non Profit NGO we accept no funding from the government. Nor do we operate our centre for the general public as a zoo. Our main funding comes from the Volunteer Program that we run for animal lovers all over the world to come and gain experience and education of the work that we do here. We also rely heavily on Donations as well as renting out on-site facilities to external clients. Our seasonal organic farm produces papaya but most of our animal food (fruit & veg) is donated by large supermarkets which is sorted by the staff on a daily basis. The generosity of the supermarkets saves us a massive expense as feeding so many animals twice a day can be very costly, I'm sure you can imagine. It also greatly reduces supermarket waste too.








No animal deserves to be here. They should be enjoying the jungle and their natural habitats but unfortunately, that's a lot easier said than done. We try to rehabiltate as many animals as possible and return them to a safe area within Java. But many of our residents are not from Java (orangutan, sunbears), and therefore must be transported back to a rehabilitation centre in their homeland (usually Borneo or Sumatra) which is very difficult and expensive. We have a successful eagle rehabilation rate as many of the species are native to Java. However, sadly, we also have many residents that due to their age or their health will never be suitable to under go a rehabilitation process and will live out their lives with us at WRC. This may sound very depressing but our staff at WRC care greatly for every single animal. They are cleaned daily, have healthy, natural diets, often receive food and cage enrichments for amusement and are, most importantly, safe. That is so much more than most of them had before they arrived here.









As we are charity based, we can't deny that many of the animal's enclosures are less than suitable but we constantly strive to improve the conditions for the animals. We greatly welcome every donation, whether it be great or small. We appreciate and support people running their own sponsorships in our favour and, of course, if you're interested in our Volunteer or School Group program, please get in touch right away to see your contribution go a long way!


And the most important thing of all: DO NOT SUPPORT OR FUND THE ILLEGAL WILDLIFE TRADE!


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