Webinar Series : “Migrant Birds: Friend or Foe during the Pandemic?”


For the first time, on 27th of October 2020 the Wildlife Rescue Center Jogja held a webinar discussing about wildlife conservation. The issue raised was migratory birds with the theme “Migrant Birds: Friend or Foe during the Pandemic?” with resource persons Asman Adi Purwanto (BISA INDONESIA) and drh. Christida Estu Wastika (Hokkaido University) guided by drh. Irhamna Putri (WRC Jogja). Participants consist of the general public, students, academics and veterinarians.
The webinar aims to provide education to the wider community about migratory birds passing through Indonesia in September-March. In addition, the pandemic condition which is quite long this year, is feared to make migratory birds seem dangerous to humans and their existence is threatened. Therefore, there is a need for education and insight into the relationship between migratory birds and the pandemic that has hit the world, that migratory birds do not necessarily carry the deadly Covid-19 virus.
We did not think that there were so many enthusiasts. The enthusiasm of the webinar participants is quite good. Approximately 80 participants attended this webinar from various backgrounds. It is hoped that we will be able to hold this webinar again with other interesting topics.

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