The day has come. Ucokwati and Mungil’s translocation is finally done.

One year of the pandemic has passed, but current conditions can be fairly stagnant. Although vaccines are carried out in several countries, travel restrictions are still in place in some countries, including Indonesia.

This prolonged condition as well as the media coverage has had quite an impact on us. BKSDA Jogja, who feels they have a responsibility towards our center, plans to relocate most of the primates in our rehabilitation facility to reduce operational costs. Approximately 15 primates large and small will be transferred to the new animal park that will be opened and located in Bali.

We are also preparing our two orangutans, Beni and Boni, who will soon be translocated to a better sanctuary, located in East Kalimantan. The medical check-up process for the two orangutans was carried out in April and assisted by veterinarians from GL Zoo.

On April 8, 2021, is a pretty important day for us. The plan to relocate Ucokwati and Mungil to the Bornean Orangutan Rescue Alliance (BORA), which is the COP’s site project in Berau, North Kalimantan, was implemented. This trip takes approximately 24 hours from the Wildlife Rescue Center Jogja using a Garuda Indonesia cargo plane to Pontianak and transit in Jakarta. During transit, Ucokwati and Mungil were always monitored for their health condition and food intake by our veterinarians who also accompanied them. Arriving in Pontianak, followed by a road trip to Berau which took approximately 11 hours. Ucokwati and Mungil arrived in good health and entered the BORA quarantine cage before attending forest school and later being released into the wild.

The international volunteer program is still not running. Travel to and from abroad is also still very limited. Our Center still relies on donations and adoption programs. In March – April our activities here were assisted by seven internship students, both from the biology and veterinary departments.

April is the holy month of Ramadan for Muslims. Apart from continuing to carry out medical tests for some of the animals that will be moved, we are also improving ourselves in the operational field and the internship program is temporarily suspended until May.

Thank you for all the support, both moral and material. We will always give the best for the animals. Keep supporting us and follow us on instagram and twitter for the latest news.

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