Survive at the pandemic : From Animal Adoption to Translocation

Time flies so fast in February. We still have to carried out several activities during the pandemic, even though we had to tighten expenses and cut some employee salaries due to lack of funds. Open donation and fundraising programs have really helped us through all these difficulties. In one month, approximately 100 million rupiahs are collected to meet operational needs. We are also offering animal adoption programs. Thankfull, we got a lot of adopters. In January, there were 9 adopters and increase to be 18 animal adopters in February.

On February 6, 2021, we translocated 6 eagles (5 Changeable-hawk eagles and 1 Crested-serpent eagle) to the Eagle Sanctuary in West Java, we hope that all the eagles are possible to be released at the Halimun Salak National Park, also in West Java. This activity was assisted by the BKSDA (Natural Resources Conservation Center) and COP (Center of Orangutan Protection).

In addition, repairs to the peacock cage which was delayed several months ago can be resumed. Finally we have a new dome which is intended for two hornbills. Soon, they plan to be released back into their habitat in East Java.

Fruit donations from CSR Superindo and COP are still ongoing. A large number of internship students who help all of our activities here, it really eases the burden on us and the animal keepers in particular. Our veterinarians and interns carry out blood tests for crocodiles, turtles and eagles. Medical check ups of small primates, from macaca to gibbon were also carried out. We had medical check ups for two orangutans – Ucokwati and Mungil almost at the same time. A hand from Gembiraloka Zoo vets and COP vets makes our orangutan screening run smoothly.

Ucokwati and Mungil are in the preparation stage to be translocated to the COP site in Kalimantan, which they will study at jungle schools. After graduating from jungle school, they will return to their habitat very soon.

The world conditions are still not possible for us to reopen the volunteer program for foreigners. There are still restrictions on tourist visits to reduce the rate of Covid-19 cases. So we had to figure out how to keep the center running, because we couldn’t keep depending on donations.

Apart from the translocation for Orangutans, we will undertake several release plans such as long-tailed monkeys in the near future. Hopefully there are no obstacles and the animals can return to the wild freely soon.

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