Save the Owl in November

November is the rice harvest season. The snake and mice population is increasing considerably, and hunting for food by owls has also increased. Two barn owl (Tyto Alba – Indonesian : Serak Jawa) came to our centre in November.

The first owl that we rescued was brought in by a villager who found it trapped in a snare at a farm. Some local farmers use snares to catch birds to protect their crops. The primary feathers of the owl got all twisted by the snare so it wasn’t able to fly anymore.

Our vet did a general health check, repositioned the feathers, gave vitamin, and a nice meal. After spending a half day in our quarantine room, the owl was fully recovered and ready to be released again.

The second one, was brought by a villager who found him flying into his house. It is likely that this is because the owl was lost due to bad weather. The villager managed to catch the owl and bring him to WRC where our vet could check his further conditions. The barn owl had no injuries and was completely healthy. After a few vitamin shots, eating well and spending some time in our quarantine room, he was ready to be released again.

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