Recounting a “hidden treasure” – Malayan Giant Turtle

Since the beginning of the pandemic where it was very difficult for us to meet all our needs because there is no income, fruits for animals, but donations came to us in many ways.

One of them came from the Center of Orangutan Protection (COP).

Both in terms of food and nutrition for animals, as well as manpower assistance such as enrichment and also moving the turtles.

Back to a few months earlier, we had plans to check and re-record our turtles (Malayan Giant Turtles). Due to limited manpower and tools, we discouraged doing so.

The pool is very large and deep enough to make it a bit difficult for us to do a recount.

With the help of COP and BKSDA, the pond can be drained and we some baby turtles.
It turned out that the turtles here gave birth to quite a number of young.
From 28 individuals to 43 individuals, and unfortunately 2 were found dead.

We also check the water content, aiming to determine the water content by measuring the pH of the water.

After the turtles were collected, the vet assisted with the keeper and interns started to measuring their size, weight, sex and grouped into one pond.

We used empty crocodile ponds (six crocodiles were released to Way Kambas last month) to categorize them into male and female.

The Malayan Giant Turtle holds an Endangered (EN) conservation status issued by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

As the name implies, the Malayan Giant Turtle, this big turtle originating from the Borneo/Kalimantan river, and they are waiting for its time to be released back into its natural habitat.

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