Quarantine Room Renovation By Gofundme

Several times we received animals from the residents.

After being reported to the local authorities, before being placed in a proper cage, the animals must be quarantined for approximately 14 days in the quarantine building.

During that time, the animals were checked for their health conditions first, whether in a condition for carrying disease or being healthy.

If the condition is healthy, they will be transferred to a proper cage and be rehabilitated for release.

Our quarantine room has been damaged in several places, such as perforated ventilation, the structure what carries the roof, outdated and unsafe electricity, and heaps of people’s used cages.

We also transferred three rooms into three cages for birds so that the injured or sick animals don’t have to be in a small cage, but get a whole room for themselves.

We hope that no more animals are found shot and injured, nor the government confiscate animals from illegal sales.

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