06.00 am 

Self Serve Breakfast

07.15 a.m

Enclosure Cleaning

09.30 am

Break and Snack

10.00 am

Animal Feeding

12.00 pm 


Traditional Indonesian Lunch

01.00 p.m

Animal Enrichment

03.00 pm



Afternoon Activities

School Visits

On Wednesdays, we visit schools to help with English and teach about conservation and sustainability. We play games and try to make links with the local community.

Javan Dinner

On Thursdays, we have dinner at the house of a local in the village. You will meet the community, experience authentic Indonesian life, and enjoy delicious traditional Javan food. The local people love to learn about you and your culture too!

English Community

On Fridays, we run an English class for the local community. Anybody can join but it is mostly students. It is very relaxed and you will play games and make friends.