WHAT to pack

Indonesia is a hot and humid country all year round. Typically, October to February is the wet season. If you are planning to travel during this time you may experience heavy rain downfalls and therefore we advise you to bring some waterproof clothing with you. Appropriate clothing for working with the animals includes loose-fitting, cool Tshirts that you don’t mind getting dirty! The Tshirt should cover shoulders, stomach and cleavage. Comfortable shorts or trousers, minimum knee length, although full length may be more ideal.

Mosquitos are prevalent in Indonesia, especially around the animal areas. You should bring a mosquito repellent that works for you, although a mosquito net is not necessary. The sun can be very strong during the day so it’s recommended that you bring your own sun protection: sunscreen, sunglasses, hat etc. It’s important that you stay hydrated, especially during working hours. A refillable water bottle would be ideal to keep with you to refill at various water points. You will be supplied with boots, latex gloves and a paper face mask for working with the animals. If you would prefer to bring your own that would be acceptable.

Should you need more advice or have any questions about the dress policy, please do not hesitate to ask.

Medical Requirements

It would be more convenient if you could send these documents to us via email prior to arrival to avoid any disappointments after arrival.

There is no malaria in this area, however, if you are travelling to other areas before / after WRC, it may be wise to stay safe. Any vaccinations or medications you choose to receive, other than the mandatory requirements, will be the decision of the volunteer, not WRC.

  1. TB Screening
  2. Hep A & Hep B vaccinations
  3. Hep C Serology
  4. General Healthchecks

All medical costs should be covered by the volunteer. Please inform us prior to arrival if you are on any medications that may affect your ability to work on daily tasks.

It is WRC’s priority to keep both you and the animals safe from exposure to sickness. Therefore, there are a few mandatory medical requirements you must present us with before working with the animals.


The volunteer must have a valid passport with a stamp of entry into Indonesia. The passport must be presented to staff upon arrival at WRC.

You must have a valid visa appropriate to your length of stay within Indonesia. Visa on Arrival is sufficient for travellers staying no longer than 30 days in Indonesia. This visa is free. However, if you’re planning on staying within Indonesia longer than 30 days, you’ll need an extendable visa which will require payment. You can find out more about Indonesian visas here. The visa costs should be covered by the volunteer, not WRC. The volunteer should state their reason for travel as “vacation / holiday”.

Pick up and drop off points in Yogyakarta city will be provided by WRC and are included in your payment. This may be from / to Yogyakarta International Airport or a chosen location or hotel. Please communicate arrival times and dates with WRC in advance. We will do all we can to provide you with suitable transport for your needs.

WRC does not offer any means of travel insurance. This will be the volunteers responsibility to cover themselves.