Teaching young people all around the world to preserve our nature and respect local cultures with a fun and interactive program specifically designed for groups wishing to travel in Indonesia. 

Our Programs

It is more important now than ever to teach the young generation respect for the planet’s nature and compassion to all wildlife – great and small. That is exactly what we aim to do in our unique Group Volunteer Program with teaching the participants the importance of hard work and the benefits that can be reaped, as well as fun activities and team work.
Our programs can be tailored to fit most sizes and ages of groups and what the group wish to achieve during their time here.
We offer a range of community based and animal based activities from improving enclosures to assisting to teach English to the youths in the local village.


Animal Based

Although volunteers must be a minimum of 18 years old to work directly with the animals, there are many other activities that can be undertaken. These normally include working on projects such as cage and food enrichments for the animals or building/improving enclosures to give the animal residents a better quality of life at WRC.
It can be both rewarding and satisfying for the volunteers to see the final results of their efforts.
These activities also encourage team work and developing building skills that they may have never experienced before. Supplies and materials will be provided by us and every group will have an experienced member of staff to lead them to success in their mission.


Community Focused

We encourage the participants to get involved in our teaching activities in the local village as well. The locals love interacting with foreign visitors and it encourages them to work on their English, an experience that many don’t have the opportunity to be involved in. It will also be an eye-opener for the volunteers to witness how less fortunate people live with what is available to them.
These activities often develop an appreciation of life and self-worth whilst experiencing a completely different culture and way of life often lost in Western cultures.


Fun Activities

Of course our programs offer as much fun for the volunteers as they do hard work!
We often do introduction activities as a means of getting to know each other, working together and developing trust amongst ourselves. 
In the middle of activities the group can enjoy a variety of Outbond style activities which is a great way to break the ice and ensure a comfortable stay during the programs.

If you are interested or would like to know more about our Group Volunteering Program, please Contact Us with as much information as possible about your group. We will be pleased to answer any questions you may have about our program.


Thank you WRC for sharing your knowledge, love, and passion for animals, nature, and a healthy life-style and allowing us to be more aware how we can take better care of the animals, our environments, and ourselves! We had enjoyed this week greatly and will definitely continue educating ourselves and people around us.”

Emilia Giraldo

Teacher – Int’l School KL

What a great time I had! Only wish I were staying longer in Jogja, then I’d certainly volunteer here. I love meeting you all and learning first hand about your conservation efforts. Keep on doing God’s work. Love.”

Alex Krauel

School Group, Princeton Uni – UK

Thank you all very much for everything. We had a lot of fun while working and taking care of the animals. I’ve gained a lot of new and amazing experiences. That I’ll never forget. I hope that you and the animals will notice that differences that we made around here.

Elle Christina

School Group, Global Spirit – Netherlands

“Island School mau bilang terima kasih untuk bantuan kita dan semuanya. We know that we are sometimes crazy and loud + messy and weird, but we really enjoyed the experiences working with animals. Thank you for putting up with us! Jeep rides on the volcano, biking, hiking and visiting the different places with you guys was very fun. Every meal in the centre and outside was amazing and we love it very much. We hope that we will all meet again someday, and we will miss you all very much. PS: come visit our school in Hong Kong!”

Island School Hong Kong