The beautiful forests throughout our centre are home to an abundance of bird species, and we’d love to share them with you! In conjunction with local bird-watching groups and avid birders on our own staff, we invite you to wander our centre grounds in search of our feathered friends.
Don’t have any experience? Don’t worry! We will start the morning with a short workshop on bird identification and local species so you know exactly what to look for. After a guided bird-watching experience, the day will finish with a debriefing to view photos and sketches, share data, and discuss our findings.

The program is open to anyone ages 5 and up, with a guarantee of fun for beginners and
experts alike! Be prepared to wake up bright and early so we can head out into the forest when the birds are most active.

Included: Snack and brunch, expert guides
What to bring: Binoculars, notebook and pencil
Capacity: Up to 30 people – divided into small groups

Contact us for details and bookings.