One year of the pandemic

It’s been one year of the pandemic, but this March was still a regular month for us.

Some of the activities we do are focusing on the Salt-water and New-guinea crocodile medical check-up, moving the long-tailed macaque that we received last February to a bigger cage after having completed a few weeks of quarantine, then we also completed several projects such as repairing the turtle pond, the progress of the bird cage used for the cage, and continued with the repair of the macaque cage which we will later use as a binturong cage.

Assistance from six internship students ends at the beginning of the first week in March. They had helped in the necropsy process of one of our Malayan Giant Turtles who died because of age and closed with presentation from every students.

In the second week of March, the three Long-tailed macaque that we have been caring for several years (Cici, Bambang, Satrio, Abber) finally can be released, living in the wild again. They were released by BKSDA Jogja in a Wildlife Reserve in Paliyan, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta Region. Conveniently located two hours from the centre.

We also received a 2,4 meters long Reticulated python which was found by the residents and handed over to our center. Before being moved to a bigger cage, a health check was carried out first by our vet and found many parasites on his body. After being given intensive care, the snake was moved to its cage. But sadly, two of the eight baby snakes that we took care of, cannot survived. The reason they did not make it is unfortunetaly unknown to us.

We are still doing some fundraising activities, and will end in early April. Adoption programme is still running, and we have five adopters on March. In addition, we also opened pre-orders for Mungil t-shirts designed by Vivien Poly, an art-photographer from France – to increase income to meet operational needs. CSR Superindo and also the Center for Orangutan Protection, still provide fruits and veggies for the animals. Then medical and operational needs were also obtained through donations from the team. KANOPI Indonesia has also started to utilize fruit waste for processing and making fertilizer. However, this process takes a long time. We hope this activity can run continuously.

Please continue to support us in the animal rescue activities. Hopefully the pandemic will end soon and volunteer activities can be reopened. One more thing, we hope that Ucokwati and Mungil’s translocation to Kalimantan, which was delayed for several months, can be carried out in April. Hope all goes well.

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