Giving Day For Apes 2020

This year WRC Jogja took part in the Giving Day for Apes 2020 event.

Giving Day for Apes 2020 is a unique fundraising competition organized by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) through Mightycause and competitors are able through win potential awards on the final day of the competition at the 13th of October.

As a small organization it was not easy to compete against the big organzations in the world and unfortunately we did not win any of the potential prizes. But thanks to our generous supporters we’d still raised an amazing $822,- dollars which is very helpful for our centre.

The money will be used for the goals we set for this event like:

– Providing routine medical checks for rescued apes.
– Providing food and structural enrichments for rescued apes.
– Upgrade our gibbon rehabilitation enclosures.
– Create transport cages suitable for carrying out any mobilization
– Cover relocation cost for 2 orangutans to East Kalimantan

Thanks again to all the donors who supported us during this event!

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