Is WRC Jogja a zoo?

Our centre is a wildlife conservation area, where the animals that are here are prepared to be released into their natural environment later. So to give back their wildlife instincts, contact with humans is very limited. Please be advised.

Where can I get the latest news and upcoming activities about the WRC?

Follow our Instragram and we will update it weekly. (also Facebook and Twitter)

I found animals nearby your area. Can you check and rescue them to get a better wildlife?

WRC Jogja doesn’t have a rescue team. We cooperate with BKSDA (Conservation and natural resource center) to rescuing them. Please contact directly to www.bksdajogja.org or call center at +62 821 4444 9449.


I don’t have time to go travel and visit your centre but I still want to help the animals.

Please visit the donation page or visit the adoption page to help the centre, or click wish list if you want to donate our needs.

Can I make a one-day visit to the centre?

Please contact us via email on [email protected]


How do I become a volunteer?

Visit Volunteering Program and find out more about our volunteering program and click Join Now.

Should I make a booking first before arrival? Is there any maximum quota to become a volunteer in WRC Jogja?

Regarding our accommodation capacity, you do need to make a booking for the convenience and availability of places to stay during the program.

How long does it take for volunteering in general?

The minimum stay is one week, but generally volunteers take two weeks until one month program.

Do you provide vegetarian/ vegan food in the centre?

Before you arrive at the center, we provide a health check form to find out your dietary issue, and we will provide food that suits your needs. All foods are Indonesian food.

Do I need special skills to become a volunteer in WRC Jogja?

No skills needed. At least you have sense of caring for the animals and willing to do cleaning up the cages and preparing foods for the animals and make enrichments for them.

I have a special skills and experiences. Can I use it there?

We do love your help to improving our centre. Your opinion and action are very appreciated in providing advice to our center.

What terms and conditions should I fulfill before starting the program?

For more information, please visit our Volunteer Guideline.

If I want to stay longer than 60 days, is it easy to get visa?

Please visit www.imigrasi.go.id for terms and conditions. Or contact the Indonesian embassy in your country for further information.

I have a question about volunteering. Who do I contact?

Visit Volunteering Program page. If there’s any question that still don’t suits for you, please contact us via email on [email protected]

I am very interested in your program and want to bring school children to take part in volunteering programs. What program is suitable for them?

Please contact us via email on [email protected]

Is the volunteering program only for foreigners?

If you’re Indonesians, you also can join our volunteering program such as monitoring for eagle release, translocation, join our conservation education program.

Is there a minimum age for volunteering in WRC Jogja?

18 years is the minimum age to become a volunteer in WRC Jogja. If you’re under age (14 years above) could join volunteering under parental supervision or adult supervision. I.e. school group programme with teacher or team guide supervisions. We do have a minimum age because you will work for cutting and lifting stuffs, which may be hard for under age.

Health and Medical

What are the medical requirements before coming to WRC Jogja?

Volunteers are involved in activities with wildlife in captivity, and many that can be released back into
their natural habitat. The project has strict rules about the health of both humans and wildlife.
The project needs proof that all volunteers are free from:

– Tuberculosis (TB) through a negative Quantiferon test, Mantaux test, X-ray, sputum test or BCG
inoculation record (a doctor’s note stating the scar on your arm is a BCG is not accepted as immunization).

– Hepatitis A,B,C
All hepatitis vaccination must be proven through a recognized series of injections with a note from the doctor stating period of immunity and a full hepatitis blood serology.

– General Health
A Doctor’s letter stating any pre-existing injury or illness that could impact the participant’s ability to work within the centre.
Please include any allergies and general physical and mental health.

What other documents needs to be attached to the health form?

  • Personal Health Insurance and also representative insurance in Indonesia.
  • Volunteering contract.

How many times should the hepatitis B vaccine be carried out?

3 times (month 0, month 1, and month 6)

Can I volunteer before I finish the vaccines?

Yes, you can. As long as you have done the second vaccine of Hepatitis B.

What is the length of time between a health check and voluntary activities?

At least 2 weeks before departure, all tests should have been completed.

Why are these tests needed?

To protect you and also the animals at the center, from getting infected by viruses or diseases. And vice versa.
Hepatitis and TB are easily transmitted between humans and primates.