What are the medical requirements before coming to WRC Jogja?

Volunteers are involved in activities with wildlife in captivity, and many that can be released back into
their natural habitat. The project has strict rules about the health of both humans and wildlife.
The project needs proof that all volunteers are free from:

– Tuberculosis (TB) through a negative Quantiferon test, Mantaux test, X-ray, sputum test or BCG
inoculation record (a doctor’s note stating the scar on your arm is a BCG is not accepted as immunization).

– Hepatitis A,B,C
All hepatitis vaccination must be proven through a recognized series of injections with a note from the doctor stating period of immunity and a full hepatitis blood serology.

– General Health
A Doctor’s letter stating any pre-existing injury or illness that could impact the participant’s ability to work within the centre.
Please include any allergies and general physical and mental health.

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