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Donation Total: $50.00 One Time

Operational Costs

To fulfill animal needs, conservation division needs 650 USD every month, exclude animal keeper salary. We usually use general donations to procure medical equipment that we don’t have yet or buy daily medicines, vitamins and food nutrition.


Every day animals need enrichment to stimulate their animal behavior. We are looking for other ways than those fruits that are eaten every day to provide them with insects or fruits that are rarely found.

Clear water Installation

During the dry season, the center has enough water shortages. Because it still relies on springs from wells. Water needs in the area of animals every day very much, so the water needs for volunteers and cooking sometimes have to give in. The rapid growth of housing around the center is also one of our difficulties in getting well water. So we need installation of clean water from other sources that require a large enough cost for installation. For the sake of the availability of clean water, we will install a water pipe so that all water needs can be fulfilled.

General Check Up For Animal Keepers and Vets

The unstable financial condition of the center which only relies on paid volunteers is only sufficient to provide food and vitamins for animal needs and staff salaries. We always try to fulfill the Standard Operating Procedures regarding the health of Animal Keepers who always interact with animals every day. Ideally, every 6 months – 12 months they should do a general check-up to check their health condition, so that the animals and also animal keepers health can be maintained. General check-up requires a high-cost. Therefore we open a donation so that the keepers can check their health regularly.