Crocodile Release

WRC Jogja collaborated with the government and Jakarta Animal Aid Network to translocate five saltwater crocodiles to Way Kambas National Park in Lampung, Sumatran Island.

The crocodiles came to the centre from illegal pet, illegal trade, and were confiscated by the government.

The biggest crocodile named Herbert (2.97 meters long) was here since 2014. He was handed over by citizens.
Two of those of the crocs who’d been released were here since 2012. (longest staying crocodiles who has lived in WRC).

After the care from the centre in their enclosure for 8 years hopefully they can live their lives in freedom again back in the wild.

Five of our crocodiles are released directly to Way Kambas National Park without quarantine, and will be observed by rangers and animal keepers in the wild.

We hope all the crocodiles get freedom and happiness for the rest of their life. We hope there will be more animals that will be released in the near future.

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