Conservation Education Programme through online learning

The Covid pandemic has hit Indonesia since March 2020 and has continued until now. This hampered the programme at WRC Jogja. One of them is a conservation education program. The programme is actually focuses on education regarding wildlife conservation targeting students and the general public. There are several programs such as called jelajah alam, bird watching, and school groups that have stopped due to health protocols.

However, we don’t just stop here. We carry out innovative activities in the form of online-based education. We are working together with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Universitas Brawijaya (FKH UB) to organize a webinar on the conservation of wildlife and diseases. The activity was held in September targeting students who were in Kulon Progo. The webinar was presented by speakers from the FKH UB team and also the WRC Jogja conservation education team with an interactive discussion system through the meeting network application. Several participants were recorded from SMP N 1 Pengasih, SMP N 2 Kokap, SMA IT Abu Bakar, MTs Darul Ulum and Pramuka Kulon Progo enthusiastically participating in this activity.

We hope that with this pandemic, the enthusiasm to spread wildlife conservation to future generations will not stop. In addition, the importance of conservation education from an early age needs to be instilled to introduce and cultivate the spirit of wildlife conservation to future generations. If there are colleagues who are interested in knowing and participating in the conservation education programme of WRC Jogja, you can contact us at the address listed on the WRC Jogja website.

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