Mice Cages Renovation By Sunbear Outreach

Mice are food for eagles and some other animals that are treated here like cassowaries, binturongs, and hornbills. Our animal nurses have succeeded in raising mice for sustainable feed availability. If we have to buy it, it cost 2 thousand rupiahs per animal. Yet every week we need about 240 mice. We can save around […]

Eagles Released at TNGM

On early pandemic outbreak, Wildlife Rescue Centre Jogja released two Spiloris Cheela eagles named Sugeng and Wilujeng at Taman Nasional Gunung Merapi (Mount Merapi National Park) in Yogyakarta Region. They have come and been treated by the centre since 2013. Our two eagles were released at the same time with the two eagles from Kamojang Eagle […]

Roof Renovation By Annemieke

Another donation from our heartwarming volunteer, Annemieke from the Netherlands. She donated money for the renovation of the roof between the mice cages and the washing station. It was a much needed renovation since all the wood of the old roof was rotten and eaten by ants, and not safe anymore. With the help of […]