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The 2020’s Recap

2020 has been the toughest year for WRC Jogja, for all of us. The virus pandemic paralyzes all sectors of the economy. Even though we are engaged in the conservation sector, in fact, we are also being affected. The flights out of action, and the closure of borders has stopped the arrival of foreign visitors, […]

Save the Owl in November

November is the rice harvest season. The snake and mice population is increasing considerably, and hunting for food by owls has also increased. Two barn owl (Tyto Alba – Indonesian : Serak Jawa) came to our centre in November. The first owl that we rescued was brought in by a villager who found it trapped […]

Webinar Series : “Migrant Birds: Friend or Foe during the Pandemic?”

  For the first time, on 27th of October 2020 the Wildlife Rescue Center Jogja held a webinar discussing about wildlife conservation. The issue raised was migratory birds with the theme “Migrant Birds: Friend or Foe during the Pandemic?” with resource persons Asman Adi Purwanto (BISA INDONESIA) and drh. Christida Estu Wastika (Hokkaido University) guided […]

Conservation Education Programme through online learning

The Covid pandemic has hit Indonesia since March 2020 and has continued until now. This hampered the programme at WRC Jogja. One of them is a conservation education program. The programme is actually focuses on education regarding wildlife conservation targeting students and the general public. There are several programs such as called jelajah alam, bird […]

Recounting a “hidden treasure” – Malayan Giant Turtle

Since the beginning of the pandemic where it was very difficult for us to meet all our needs because there is no income, fruits for animals, but donations came to us in many ways. One of them came from the Center of Orangutan Protection (COP). Both in terms of food and nutrition for animals, as […]

Quarantine Room Renovation By Gofundme

Several times we received animals from the residents. After being reported to the local authorities, before being placed in a proper cage, the animals must be quarantined for approximately 14 days in the quarantine building. During that time, the animals were checked for their health conditions first, whether in a condition for carrying disease or […]

Eagles And Two Peafowls released

In July 2020, Wildlife Rescue Centre Jogja has released three eagles and also two peafowls to Baluran National Park in East Java. This release programme is supported by Balai Konservasi Sumber Daya Alam Yogyakarta. We also got help from Center of Orangutan Protection (COP) for the translocation process and also from PPBJ (Jogja Bird Watchers […]