A busy month at WRC Jogja

The month October was a busy month at WRC Jogja with new animals coming to the centre and the release of some animals. A total of 6 internships and many medical check ups.

The month started with some exiting news because Jalu, the Crested Goshawk was ready to be released and a new intern from the Syiah Kuala University in Aceh, Sumatra. The intern immediately had a nice experience by joining the release of Jalu at October 6th. He has successfully been released together with BKSDA who also brought a Changeable hawk eagle that was ready to be released. The release site was at Jatimulyo, Kulon Progo. The local bird community will take care of the post monitoring.

That same day a new male Barnowl was brought to the centre. The Barnowl was found in a ricefield by a villager not far from the centre. The owl was injured badly due to multiple gunshots. The Barnowl was immediately taken into intensive care but unfortunately we could not save the owl and he died during the night.

On October 14th a new female Long-tailed Macaque arrived at the centre. The owner bought the macaque online when she was still a baby but didn’t want to take care of her anymore. The macaque named Chila is now around 1 years old and walked freely through their house but started biting the owners. This is a good remember that it is NEVER a good idea to take any wildlife as a pet. They grow fast and can be dangerous to humans who don’t know how to take care of these wildlife and don’t have the proper facilities. These animals belong in the wild with their own familiy.

After a medical check up and the necessary tests like TBC, COVID, Rabies, and blood sampling, Chila was put in our quarantine room until we have the results of the tests and she can be put in one of our introduction enclosures where she will be introduced to Amad, another young macaque we have in our care. With a separation between the enclosures the animals can interact and slowly get to know each other. With this we hope that in the future we can group these macaques which will be better for their welfare since they are social animals.

On October 17th, 5 new interns arrived from the IPB University in Bogor. They stayed until of the month and with so many interns coming at the right moment. They could learn and help us with the upcoming medical check ups we had planned for this month.

We did the general medical check ups for the Sun bears, Saltwater crocodile and all the eagles. Also another medical check up has been done for Bejo, the Long-tailed Macaque because we also moved him to the introduction cages. He will introduced to Jamalina and hopefully can become a group as well in the future.
All the medical check ups were done successfully and all the animals are healthy that has been checked. The interns also helped with the deworming of all the animals. The interns gained a lot of experience in the field by working closely with our vet and animal keepers.

On October 26th a male Brown Booby was brought to WRC Jogja by a villager who found the waterbird near his house. The villager initially thought that the bird was hit by a car and had several injuries. After a medical check up it turned out that the bird was physically healthy and only lacked some strength and energy. These migrating birds are not native to Indonesia and after staying in our care for a couple days and given a healthy diet of catfish we tried to release the bird again. This was no success unfortunately because didn’t want to fly or move at all. So for the safety of the bird we decided to bring him back to the centre for further care and hopefully we can try again soon.

At the end of the month we wanted to release the Reticulated Python that has been in our care for a couple months. The python was recovered from it’s injuries and was completely healthy and was ready to be released. At the same time another Reticulated Python was brought to the centre by COP who rescued the python from someone’s car in Yogyakarta. After a medical check up we found that the snake was healthy and could also be released immediately. Therefore we released the 2 pythons at the same time.

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