4 New Projects Finished

Recently we finished 4 new projects at our centre.

#project 1 – New roofing for 3 of our pre-release bird cages.

3 of our big pre-release cages we have at the centre which we use for eagles who are almost ready to released back to the wild again. We move the eagles from the smaller cages to the pre-release cages where they have plenty of room to fly again to gain strength and get used to the natural surroundings again. From this moment the interactions with the animal keeper is almost none.Ideally, the eagles will stay in these cages for a couple of months and after we get enough funding for the release program before being released back to the wild.

The cages are more than 15 years old and the roofing needed urgent fixing. Because of corrosion of the wired roofing and many holes due to falling branches over the years, we were not able to use 2 of the cages anymore.
We fixed this by installing a big net over the old roofing, which is cheaper solution than placing new metal wire. The netting is also safe from corrosion and less likely to break from falling branches.
The roofs are also easier to clean from all the leaves.

Now we have 4 pre-release cages for birds which are all in use at the moment and can we release birds at a higher pace than before.

#project 2 – New roofing for all the eagle cages.

The 24 smaller cages we have for the eagles, owls and the kite had the same problems as the pre-release cages. To solve this we also installed net on all the cages. With these netting installed the cages are good again for many years to come.

We want to thank the Sun bear Outreach Foundation for supporting us with the funding for project 1 and 2!

#project 3 – New water system for 8 primate cages.

Back in April we already installed the new water system for the whole animal area but 8 of the primate cages still shared the water with the building which contains food preparation, medical clinic, washing station, keeper room, and volunteer room.

Because of this it was inconvenient for the animal keeper who had to wait many times to have enough water and pressure to clean the cages.
Now we put an extra water tank on one of the cages and installed a water pump so the 8 cages can use it’s own water and have more pressure to make it easier to clean.

#project 4 – Water Drinking system for all the orangutan cages.

The drinking system for our orangutans was always an issue because they broke everything we tried before.
Initially they all had a concrete water reservoir in their cages, but most of them broke it and some orangutan use that as their toilet.
The water nipples in the walls also got broken or they stop stuff inside it. Half tires filled with water attached to the outside of their cages also didn’t survive. The keepers gave water by hand while cleaning the enclosures which was not ideal.

So we had to find a better solution with the rest materials we still had at the centre to keep them hydrated during the day. We now have installed another water tank on top of the orangutan enclosure in the top area and use gravitation to get the water through pipes at the other enclosures in the bottom area. With the use of water taps at each enclosure we can easily adjust the stream of water which enters their cages.

The system is working good and the orangutans have access to fresh water during the day at any time and they are not able anymore to break the water system.

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