WRC offers a volunteer program like no other. Whether you're interested in joining us for a week or a month, we create a schedule just for you that will give you a unique experience and participate in everything we have to offer.

Who Are We?

WRC is not only home to several orangutans but an array of Indonesian wildlife that have been rescued from the Illegal Pet Trade: sun bears, eagles, gibbons, monkeys, parrots, crocodiles and leopard cats. When you sign up to be a volunteer with WRC you will be able to work closely with the animal keepers with daily cleaning and feeding procedures, experiencing up-close and personal interactions with all the animals and try new foods you probably never knew existed. You will quickly learn that all the animals here at the centre have individual personalities and stories, just like us!

What Will You Do?

You will also be involved in other community-based weekly activities such as English classes for the youths in the local village and also the staff that work at WRC. As well as attending a traditional Javan dinner in the local village at a staff member's family home. This is an opportunity that a regular tourist would not be able to experience. You'll be able to dive right in to the local Javanese culture and make friends and experiences you'll hold dear for the rest of your life. You'll be enriching your own life as well as the animals and locals. This is a rare opportunity not only to experience the joys of nature and wildlife but also the hardships.

The Daily Routine

Volunteers will typically start work with the animal keepers at 7:15am beginning with cage cleaning duties. Snacks are provided at 10am for a break time. The first daily feeding is after morning break. At 12pm you will be provided with a traditional Indonesian lunch followed by daily animal enrichment activities at 1pm. This includes making food / cage activities for the animals. The second daily feeding is at 2pm and the day will finish at 3pm Monday to Friday with Saturday and Sunday as rest or excursion days. There's many places to visit and hiring a car for the day is easy.

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Don't just take our word! Find out how previous volunteers rated their experience with us.

Really enjoyed my time at WRC - I volunteered here in 2014 for a week and wished I could have stayed longer. We got to learn a lot about the animals and their stories of how they ended up in the centre are really heart breaking.  They are doing great things at the centre in helping these animals live as close to nature as possible. I really liked doing the enrichment work like making the bear bags.


The accommodation was great - I shared a room with another lovely volunteer. The food was awesome for a veggie diet. We also got to do some great things at the weekend including hiking up a volcano and visiting the black sand beaches. I would love to go back some day.

Emma, England


I've travelled for many years and had alot of experiences but working at WRC is one of the best and most rewarding experiences I have ever done. All the staff made me feel like family and it is a family I am honoured to be part of. It may be a small centre but the passion, hardwork and dedication speaks for itself with all the achievments WRC have gained. I have no regrets and enjoyed the whole thing and hopefully in the future see them all again. I have gained memories and friendships I will cherish for my whole life so thank you to the whole team at WRC.


Richard Bailey, England

Volunteering at WRC was my first animal volunteer trip and it was a pleasant experience. They have a various range of animals rescued and it was an eye opener on the different techniques used to work with them. There was a story told by the locals that stayed with me, during the worse times when there was limited funds flowing to WRC, the keepers worked for free! This showed compassion and true love from the keepers for their animals. The keepers are lovely people. I truly enjoyed my stay there and worked hard daily to keep the enclosures clean and fed the animals with generous amounts of good food, after a day’s work, the sense of pride was overwhelming. Thank you for the great hospitality.


Nisha Begum, Singapore

We loved our time at WRC. We went as part of our honeymoon as my dream has always been to work with orangutans and I wasn’t

disappointed.  The staff were lovely and I loved the fact that we got to help out with all different animals. It was also lovely being involved to help teach English. As a teacher myself, it was great to have an opportunity to help the local community as well as the animals at the centre. One of my favourite parts of our stay was going to one of the staff members houses for dinner as it was a great insight into the culture and the food was delicious!

I have such fond memories of my time at WRC and it’s something I will never forget.


Sarah Wise, England

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Amazing experience! It was a great way to help these wonderful animals, make new friends and see this beautiful part of Indonesia. Staff and facilities are excellent too. Well worth the trip.


Alan Kemp, Australia

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