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WRC does not accept any government funding. That's why your donations are so important to the animal's wellbeing. We are a charitable organisation, therefore, we fully depend on individual donations and our volunteer program. Like any charity we can often experience difficult times. The animals are our utmost priority and their maintenance comes at the forefront of any other cost.


I'm sure you can imagine that caring for so many animals can be very costly as they all require specific diets. We try to source most of their food locally or as cheaply as possible. Although, during difficult times we do still struggle and staff's wages can often suffer as result.


Often when you donate to a charity organisation you may not be 100% sure of exactly where your money is going or what it's going towards. We would like to offer you an opportunity to either donate directly towards something that's currently on our "Wish List", contribute to the general maintencance and running of the centre or contribute to an Annual Staff Bonus pot. This way you can rest assured that your money is going exactly to where you want it to.

For General Maintenance Donations please use this link.

Wish List

Monthly Enrichment Funds

We are always looking for extra money for purchasing enrichment foods and enriching enclosures. Anything as small as $5 for a bottle of honey to $100 for refurbishing an enclosure. It makes all the difference to the animals.


Estimated cost:

$200 - $500 (USD)


As many of our volunteers are aware, our staff work extremely hard all year round. They are entirely devoted to their posts and the animals in their care. We would like to give you an opportunity to contribute directly to the staff's annual bonus, that will be divided and paid to them every year at the time of Idul Fitri (changes every year).

For Annual Staff Bonus please use this link.

Quarantine Building

Sick animals need a clean and quiet place where they can rest and be easily treated by the vet without contaminating other animals. This is a large project but very neccessary for the health of the animals.


Estimated cost:

$2,500 (USD)


High Capacity Freezer

We need a freezer for a longer term of storage of fruits (reducing waste) and also creating frozen food enrichments for the primates. These are appreciated on particularly hot days by the animals.


Estimated cost:

$300 (USD)


If you wish to make a donation straight to our Indonesian bank account details are as follows:


Bank Name : BNI UGM Yogya


Account Number : 025 923 7730



Bank Address : Jl. Persatuan No.1, Balaksumur, Sleman 55281

                           DI Yogyakarta

Tel : +62 274 561016

Fax : +62 274 565985